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About Us

About Us - the people behind Gingerbread:

Axelle Liautaud, a designer trained in Paris, started collecting very early. She used to take from her grandparents home every piece of antique that nobody wanted, to decorate her room. She bought her first painting, a Georges Auguste, at the age of 16 for $40 and still owns it today. After years of living abroad and studying in Montreal and Paris she returned to Haiti

Her friendship with Pierre Monosiet a founding member of the Centre d’Art and the director of the Museum of Haitian Art at the time, was instrumental in the creation of Gingerbread. He made her aware of the treasures that could be found in the most humble places at a time when the fancy “Ecole de la Beaute” was the focus of most galleries in Haiti. He introduced Axelle to voodoo flags and she immediately started collecting and selling them in the newly opened place.

Axelle Liautaud has participated in a number of important Art shows as a curator or consultant including:

1988 the “Art Naif Art Vodou” show at the Grand Palais in Paris

1988 “L’Art Naif Haitien” show” At the Musee D’art Naif, Halle ST Pierre in Paris in collaboration with Galerie Issa.

1995 “The Sacred Arts Of Haitian Vodou” show that opened at the Fowler Museum in U.C.L.A and then traveled to the Miami Art Museum(MAM) in Miami and the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

1998 The “Visions” show at the Ramscale Gallery in New York Featuring Edouard Duval-Carrie and Lionel ST Eloi.

1999 The “Visons Myths and Madness” show at the Ramscale Gallery in New York in Collaboration with Galerie Monnin.

1999 The “Haitian Lifestyles” show at the O.A.S. in Washington D.C.

2002 The “Africa Haiti Spiritual Voyage” show at The Gingerbread Gallery in Miami

2004 The “Espri Endependan” show at the Frost Art Museum at F.I.U. in Miami

2006 Axelle Liautaud is currently working with Candice Russell as the curator of “Allegories of Haitian Life” a show of Jonathan Demme’s collection scheduled to open at the Bass Museum in Miami Beach in May 2006.

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